The United Republic of America

Founded after the fall of Great Britain in WWII, the U.R.A., or the United States Republic as it is sometimes known, was formed as an alliance between The United States, Eastern Canada, a small portion of Northern Mexico, The Caribbean Islands, and Western Greenland. It is presided over by a national council made up of two representatives from every state or province, of every country in the Republic. It is called to order and officiated by a Prime Minister, whom also holds absolute military power.

Life in the U.S.R. is one of the highest overall quality in the world, but censorship, economic strain, and the very real and close danger of the government exercising it’s options to enact a police state and/or a draft are all concerns that make life in the U.R.A. somewhat stressful for the average citizen.

The Current Prime Minister is a remarkably young woman named Abel Ruby. Her natural charisma and ability to sway even the toughest opposition with her careful but witty oratory was revealed to actually be a supernatural power on the day that a piece of legislature to pass a law to register all Dragon-Bloods was up for review. In favor of the bill, she activated a bright Anima and was the first to count herself registered under U.R.A. law. However, most Dragonbloods who saw her act of support actually redoubled their opposition to registration, as not one of them could recognize her anima as being of any element. The few Solars watching at the time however recognized her immediately as one of their own. She still seems to believe herself to be some kind of unique Dragonblood by unlikely virtue of some far off royal ancestor. No one in the council or any of her handlers seem to know enough of a difference to think she ought to be corrected.

In terms of Military Power, a country with a Solar at the highest office hardly has much to fear. The U.R.A. is considered Second only to Japan in technological advancement, and have one of the largest standing armies in the world. They pride themselves on their infantry training and spcial ops. To the careful researcher, some findings seem to indicate that they used to have a department devoted to psychic warfare, but no one asked can remember anything about it.

The United Republic of America

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