Mongolia has recently undergone a voluntary regime change, as supposedly a “True King” has been appointed. The King of the Horde immediately enacted a series of brutal and clever campaigns into the Chinese desert just to sharpen his claws, and then proceeded to make slower and more costly progress into both Russia, Eastern China, and Chinese Japan.

Life in Mongolia is by no means as peaceful as Japan or as luxurious as America, but it’s quality of life has been quickly climbing due to the success of the new government’s shenanigans. The Mongols are not quite considered a world power, but are building themselves up to become one.

Militarily the Mongols have the weakest, least trained, most under-armed soldiers, but the tactical maneuvering of their new leaders has proven itself wily and cunning. Often battles that seem to fetch victory from the jaws of defeat turn out to have gone exactly as planned, and the Mongolian army suffers surprisingly few casualties. This new Khan is presumably exalted, as he has been said to know who will die and who will not in an upcoming battle right down to the man. He has been said to have expressed that he is very regretful for what cannot be avoided, but does not intend to surrender.

Mongolia is hardly being coy about their intentions. Captured soldiers tell other world powers that their intentions are to take over the entire world.


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