By far the most powerful and secure nation in the world right now, Japan has enacted a strict policy of isolationism. No one is allowed to travel into the country, not even nationals who traveled out of it, and only those few know anything about what Japan is like right now.

Tales tell of a wonderland that seamlessly marries technology and tradition to an agreeable situation for both the progressive youth, and the conservative ruling class. Rumor has it that the Emperor has not aged a day since the fall of Great Britain, and today actually looks younger than he was. Life is strictly controlled by the values of Japan’s ancestors, and the dictates of the Emperor. The ruling class and working class both enjoy a level of comfort that most of the rest of the world has to do without. There is no war close by to worry about like in the 3rd world nations, and there is no need for heavy monitoring due to the marked lack of crime and sedition. What reason is there for robbers and revolutionaries under a government that leaves them alone and gives them what they want?

Japanese nationals who left the Empire are usually altruists, who could find no more to advance their state of being while still immersed in luxury. Many of these folks find their travels more rewarding than their lives back home, but there is no way for one who is considering leaving the country to know that. Each and every one of them had to make a brave step outside of the new iron curtain.

Japan now spans several more islands and a significant amount of continental land, however, they still have a much smaller population than some of the larger world powers. Their military focus is on unmanned war-machines, robotics, and small groups of intensely trained super soldiers. Whole infantry divisions pale at the prospect of facing down one group of nine or ten Japanese super-soldiers. In reality, the overwhelming force of numbers usually prevails over the discipline and skill of these troops, but not without enormous casualties and significant setbacks. Legends about these soldiers tell of some ungodly mix of samurai, cyborg, and marine, who fear neither pain nor death. In some cases, these legends even happen to be true.


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