The Flame War

Tooth and Claw.

An Ominous shadow, with a chilling wind at her back, stood over the Navada ghost-town of “Eden.” Refugees on their way to better places were being used as slave labor by a group of local toughs to reinforce the town and turn it into a small desert fortress.

The shadow rode down and introduced herself as “Yukiko.” an exorcist who specializes in exorcising dead ghosts. She proved her ability to speak with dead bodies by extracting the name of a recently passed old man, and the terrible secret for which he had been killed. Incensed that his big secret was out, a man named Sue tried to bang-bang bring down his hammer upon her head, but was sliced open for his troubles. The gang’s leader and the bulk of the gang proper escaped into the desert before the slaves were set free. A few of the toughs tried to join up with Yukiko.

Overlooking the carnage, a young blondie wearing a mask over his no-doubt annoyingly handsome face jumped down from a nearby ledge and congratulated her on a job well done. He tried to make smalltalk with the stark stranger, but to little avail. The two parted their separate ways, each almost certain they’d meet again.



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