The Flame War

Before the Beginning

“Professor? Are you sure activating the Pseudogravatonic Harmonic Chronoton Particle Shuffling Quantum Tunneling Phase-Inhibition Pulse Projector Array during a lightening storm is a great idea?” “Of course it is! What could go wrong?”

The course of history has been changed. Some say for the better, others say for the worse, but all of those people are not recognized as extant by the United Republic of America.

The most immediately noticeable changes are that the Damn Nazis are still around and Guns are now outlaws in most of the world.

The Geography of the world post WWII is vastly different. Most of Europe was trampled over by the boot-heels of Damn Nazis, Japan spans through most of northern China, Korea, Taiwan, and The Philippines. Most of Africa, The Middle East, and India has been taken over by a sudden and completely unexpected radical movement known as “la Fero Martelo”. Most of Canada and The U.S.A. were reformed into the United Republic of America after the fall of Great Britain. New York and Texas has seceded and formed The Lone Star Republic and The Empire State. Most of the west half of the U.S.R. is considered too chaotic and lawless to settle or develop in, but is still claimed by the U.S.R. government. Mongolia has undergone a regime change and is now an expansionist state. Russia, Australia, and most of the middle east are all locked in an ever-shifting land war between the major powers and the current residents. As the world is so prone to war and tyranny, large cities have been cropping up over undesirable spans of lands such at the poles and various deserts. These places are described as “Uncomfortable, but safe.”



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