The Flame War

A Chance Meeting

Millions of dollars and the combined workforce of a globe-spanning network of agents and workers just so happened to arrange the chance meeting between Quinn Eco and a strange cult known as the “Godly Conflagration” situated somewhere in the American desert.

At first the words of the locals sounded like babble to the dazed warrior, who had just been awoken from an eons long nap in a small iceberg. After about a few hours of waiting, an expert in Nordic languages came in to translate the will of the cult. Telling him that he will be kept here for his own protection until “god” could come and meet him.

Shortly afterward the the demon Quinn had agreed to his infernal pact with showed up and began teaching him the globe-spanning universal language “Esperanto”. Teaching him the all important first lesson. “Tiu mondo ne apartenas al neniu.”



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